Monday 18 June 2012

Cabins and Co's


And so the much anticipated day arrived. Cabins and Co-Counsellor’s!
Any returning staff member will know that this is a nerve wracking time. Will I get my old campers? What age group am I going to get? Who is my co going to be? What cabin are we getting? Does it have showers? Or a view of the lake? Can we hear the server’s bell from there? These are just some of the vitally important questions that we are asking ourselves.
In true Agawak style, we found out our co’s in a fun and puzzling way. The office girls made little cards with opposites on them. For example; I had Ketchup, my co had Mustard. There were Tom; Dick and Harry; Peanut Butter and Jelly; Chocolate, Graham cracker and marshmallow; and some that were specific just to camp.
Moving from pre-camp cabins to summer session cabins is both a fun and a daunting task. Most people try to keep as much as they can in their suitcase during pre-camp so the re-pack isn’t as big, but inevitably things spill out over the floor and room and shelves. All one can do is haphazardly shove it all back into bags, wrap your bedding and egg crate into a ball and lug the lot up the hill (yes the HILL!) to your cabin and remake the bed and unpack all over again. But it is a relief because you know that you are now in your summer home and can freely fill your shelves with the innumerable amount of things you will inevitably buy from Walmart.
But I am now happy to have a non-squeaky bed, a shelf with all of my clothes on it and a permanent cabin where I can go each night. It is also in prime position for pranking, which is a must for my summer enjoyment. And the pranking began this very night with the return of the Alligator of Blue Lake and one very unbelieving MP. I sure showed them!
I will now return to my cabin for a restful night’s sleep and be ready for another amazing fun filled day on the shores of Blue Lake.

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