Monday 18 June 2012

Colour Wars


It’s that time of year again. The time when the women are separated from the girls. That’s right. Blue and White. Only the most important and exciting thing at camp!
Colour wars are held in very high esteem and are taken deadly seriously by campers and counsellors alike. Once you are placed on a team you are there for life. You uphold your colour and strive to bring your team to victory. That is how it rolls at Camp Agawak.
So, naturally, pre camp is the perfect time to initiate the new staff into this age old tradition. And what would an initiation be without whipped cream? Certainly not an Agawak initiation that’s for sure! So our newbies found themselves face first in a plate of whipped cream, trying to lick their way to a B or a W.
Then we went straight into our first Blue and White games – Spelling Bee. And it is exactly what  sounds like. A giant spelling bee. And what a fantastic way to start off the season with a highly competitive, intensely fierce and sometimes embarrassing game. And let’s not forget an amazing win by the white team!
A couple of days later we got to strut our stuff in the kitchen in another Blue and White clash of the titans. Welcome to Agawak Iron Chef! Each team was paired up with one of our two chefs – Ducky and Tim. The aim was for each team to create a three course meal. And those meals were amazing! Fruit platters, pasta salads, salsa, beans, roasted beef, and BBQ’d beef. Forget about chicken all summer! I want this!
Each dish was judged by several senior staff, including our very own Camp Director; Mary. Whilst both teams put in a good effort and scored points for dishes, but the overall win went to White. But the food was delicious on both parts and there were a LOT of people returning for seconds, thirds, and fourths.
So far a great start to the summer for Blue and White and many more great games to look forward to. With the campers arriving in just a few short days we are all eagerly awaiting the fun, noise and mischief that accompanies them!

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