Tuesday 17 July 2012

Casino Night

One of the most looked forward to and greatly enjoyed evening programs at Agawak is Casino Night.

Happy camper hall is transformed into a giant casino and the campers play games to win Agawak Dollars. Agawak Dollars can be earned to go towards a cabin's end of session prize. There are all the classic games including Black Jack, Indian Poker, Colour Wheel and many more. It is great fun, but watch out for cheating! One of the biggest games of the night is to see how much money counselors can sneak to their campers!

Counselors dress in all black and act as the dealers and bankers. We walk around the "club" as servers with platters of Goldfish crackers, sausage rolls and snacks. Each cabin dresses up in their own "theme" and quite often there are some great costumes to be seen.

There is music, colourful lights and dance parties everywhere. It is a high energy, fun packed night and the kids love it!

I was lucky enough to be a Black Jack dealer and had a great time going "all in" with campers who were convinced they could beat the dealer. I have to admit that I let some questionable moves slide but the kids really loved it when the I doubled their bets or put the whole pot in. 

Naturally, the night turned into a dance party, as most Agawak evening programs do, and we got to bust out our moves to the hottest tunes. It was a great night and I'm already looking forward to the next Agawak Casino night!

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