Tuesday 31 July 2012

Social! Social!

Every girl at camp waits for those magic words just after lunch – it’s a social!
If there is one way to blow every fuse at camp it is to announce that we are going to having a social with the boy’s camp and everyone plugs in a straightener! Whether it’s with our brother camp, Kawaga, or the much waited for Ojibwa or even Horseshoe, Timberlane and Menominee – everyone loves a social!
It’s great if we have the social at Agawak and the boys come to see us – we set up a DJ on the tennis courts or we have a dance party in Happy Camper Hall (and don’t forget the brownies!). Even better is if we get to go on the yellow school buses to the boys camps for socials. Most camps have a DJ or some kind of sound system. This year Monster Entertainment have been doing all of the camp socials and we have had the excitement of real DJs.
Basically it is a giant dance party. Girls are excited to see their friends and brothers from the boy’s camps. The only rule – don’t let your belly button show! Think a 5th grade disco and that’s a social. A little awkward at the start and ends up jumping! Usually the counsellors are the ones right up by the stage dancing away!

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