Sunday 12 August 2012

Final Four

One of the many Agawak traditions is Final Four. It is a series of games played over three days. The entire camp, including counsellors, is split up into four teams based on colleges. This year’s teams were Villanova, MIT, Auburn and Xavier. They each compete to be the winning team.
The three days are broken up into events such as opening ceremonies, capture the flag, series games, closing ceremonies and the biggest  competition of them all – GONZO. Gonzo is a giant relay race around camp where all of the campers are assigned a certain job/task. These can include shoot a bullseye, swim to the dock and back, find the skittles in a plate of whipped cream, kiss the moose, run up the back path with a cup full of water, complete a puzzle and so on. It is a high intensity game and each team play to WIN!
Final four is started off with opening ceremonies. Each team creates two cheers, a skit and a song to perform for openings. The place they come in for openings affects the score so we put in A LOT of effort to make these amazing! The songs are usually modern, well known songs with the words re-written to reflect the team. For example – Villanova’s mascot was the Wildcat so all of our songs were taken from High School Musical.
Closings are just as important, and again each team comes up with a skit, song and cheers. They are performed on the upper athletic field and are judged by the commissioners and our camp director.
Final Four is one of the most anticipated and enjoyed activities at camp. This year was just as intense as last year and it is great fun getting to help the kids support their teams.

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