Sunday 12 August 2012

Treasure Hunt

Without a single doubt, this is my absolute favourite activity at camp. You’re probably thinking, “Treasure hunt? What’s so good about that?” But believe me – this is no ordinary treasure hunt!
The Blue and White Commissioners spend ALL YEAR planning Treasure Hunt and coming up with the trickiest clues they can think of. This is THE BIGGEST Blue and White event of the year and is not to be missed! If you have a day off – you come back for it!
Once Treasure Hunt has been announced the campers are given time to go back to their cabins to prepare. They get seats, blankets, food, string, notebooks etc. and move to their team meeting spots (White team in Happy Camper Hall, Blue Team in Alumni Hall). Once there they will stay there, in silence, until one team wins. And this can be a LONG time!
The teams are broken into smaller groups who will go out on clues. Every group will go on at least one clue. The clues can be anything, and can be ANYWHERE, including out of camp. There are also staff clues, which usually involve us eating disgusting amounts of food! Once a clue has been solved the next clue is given. Both teams are competing against one another and it is a giant race to be the first to find the treasure. Because there is no communication between the two teams no one ever knows who is in front and that adds to the excitement of the game.
There are two chiefs chosen to oversee the teams. They are both members of the staff. One from Blue Team oversees White Team and vice versa. It is the chief’s job to make sure no one talks, no one cheats and that the clues are properly solved. They are dressed in all blue or white and wear a Native American headdress.
This year Blue Team won Treasure Hunt after 10 long hours of playing. It was very late by the time we all got to bed but the excitement levels didn’t dim until the very wee hours of the morning. The great thing about Treasure Hunt is that you can write down the clues and where your team went to see if they could solve it, meaning that for the next few days it is all anyone talks about. White and Blue compare notes to see where their team went for each clue and how quickly they solved it.
As I said, this is the most exciting activity at camp and is one that everyone looks forward to all year!

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